Sticking to a Schedule

Anxiety is a bitch.

Recently, I watched a video that suggested procrastination is a product of anxiety. Makes sense to me! Except… I’m feeling a great deal of anxiety right NOW and it’s BECAUSE I haven’t started working thru a bit list of chores I should be doing. So is anxiety the cause or the effect? That’s the big question of the day, but I have no answer.

Instead, I’m left wondering why I seem incapable of sticking to ANY plan or to-do list when it comes to any chores that take me away from something I’m immersed in at the moment no matter how menial. It’s a matter of strength of mind, executive function, and good self-discipline; all three traits I seem to be lacking in strength. If I did excel at these things, I would not be dealing with anxiety right now. I have far too many things on my should-be-doing list right now to be sitting on this couch watching youtube, but here I am.

I want to know if I’m even capable of sticking to a to-do plan that I’ve prepared in advance. I’m not sure I’ve ever been able to stick to any plan I have both prepared in advance AND not felt passionate about. Could I do it if I tried? That’s what I intend to find out over the next two days.

Phase 1: Make the list (Friday)

Phase 2: As of Saturday

Phase 3: My final completion status

Looks like I can’t. What will it take then?

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