I HAVE To Learn It

I would not consider myself a big music person. Even tho I can play the piano, I regularly go years without touching one in between bouts of inspiration to do it. I would sooner watch 300 hours of television and movies before listening to a single song on Spotify. But that said, nothing N.O.T.H.I.N.G will move me like a piece of music can.

And when I stumble upon something that moves me like that, I can’t just stop at listening to it a dozen times; I have to listen to it a thousand times. And when it REALLY gets me to my core, I can’t listen to it more than 10 times because at that point I MUST learn how to play it.

And so…. I HAVE to learn to play this one too. I’m up and unable to sleep because I must learn to play it.

But of course I can’t start banging on my piano at 2am with kids in the house. If I were alone here then HELL YES I WOULD BE banging on those keys instead of these keys. I’m just consumed by it.

I have to HAVE TO learn to play it.

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